Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sewing accessories

As well as making costume items, I would like to have a period correct sewing kit for the next festival. To begin, I have a needle book and workbag.

Both of these items are dated 19th century by MFA work bag and needle case.

For the needle case, I have used a green (possibly hand dyed) scrap of silk, and twisted together a cord of gold metallic DMC embroidery thread, and black, 6 strands of each, and 3 strands for the tie. The lining is white linen (using fabric I have on hand), and the leaves are doctor's flannel. The covers are made from thin chipboard/card stock, recycled from packaging.

For he work bag I have used some of Barbara Brackman's Lately Arrived from London. This particular print is possibly a bit early for our period, but I think as a work bag it would be appropriate - after all it was probably made of scraps!

I think I'm going to leave out the inner layer/pockets and just do a drawstring in the top. The measurements are slightly bigger than the original as well. it will keep everything contained!

 Photos of the work bag will have to wait, it's not quite finished and the light in this house is pretty bad at this time of night.

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